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Strategic Partners

Estelle Gay • Research and Marketing Strategy

A French native, Estelle has a keen eye for all things beautiful (with a side of might and substance, s'il vous plait!)—a quality she's honed to perfection for her marketing craft: she delivers marketing know-how—with flair. Estelle works with her clients to develop and implement on-target, on-budget and on-time strategies that leave no room for "blah." Beautiful and simple, non?

Upon graduating from the University of Kansas, Estelle worked for an international consumer goods company back in France before joining a major Midwest agency for six years. As a senior account manager she worked on accounts in the consumer goods and healthcare industries.

Her commitment to helping clients with smaller marketing budgets prompted her in 1999 to start her own consulting firm, Bleu Mango Marketing. This has allowed her to provide dedicated marketing and advertising expertise, along with topnotch service and strong creative thinking to her clients. Working closely with her clients, Estelle develops and implements marketing strategies, leads research projects, plans events and handles whatever else comes her way. She has been a valued strategic partner with MB Piland since 1999.

Estelle's enthusiasm and passion for children's issues have led her to volunteer her time at elementary schools and at Van Go, an arts-based programs for at-risk teenagers. She also serves on the marketing committee for a local safety-net clinic. Previously an avid cyclist and runner, she's now often spotted on the playground where she chases her most challenging—yet most rewarding—client to date, her 3-year-old son. And constantly sharpening her eye for beauty and creativity.

Gary Piland • Web and eStrategy

In 1990, Gary was hired by Callahan Creek Advertising to manage their growing computer systems. He eventually rose to become Vice President of Callahan Creek Interactive and Chief Technical Officer for the company as a whole.

Less than fve years later, Gary was instrumental in establishing Callahan Creek as the first major advertising agency in the midwest with a web site. He was involved with creating interactive solutions for regional, national and international clients.

After 13 years, Gary formed an interactive and design company, Umbrella. His broad experience helping large and small clients achieve their online goals, as well as a deep understanding of the technical issues instrumental to a successful interactive project, are invaluable assets to companies seeking innovative and successful web solutions.

He has partnered with MB Piland since 2003 for work on many major clients.

Gary's projects include everything from simple brochure-ware web sites to international online marketing intranets; in-store customer loyalty kiosks to interactive CD ROMS; data-driven online customer relationship systems to mass e-mail marketing campaigns. If it communicates through a desktop or mobile screen, Gary has the experience and knowledge to make it happen.

Tammy Thiessen • Research and Marketing Strategy

Tammy is a unique blend of creative brilliance and sharp business sense.  With extensive experience in Brand Management and Priority Marketing and dual degrees in Marketing and Graphic Design, she thinks about business from every aspect. Practical innovations lead her marketing plans as she seamlessly translates concepts to creative.

She's lived abroad and in Southern California. Now, she's happily settled in Eastern Kansas. While in California Tammy was the Brand Manager for an emerging health food company.  She managed a portfolio of seven national brands, and the execution of a $6 million marketing budget. Under Tammy's direction, three new products were launched into national chains such as Sams Club, Kroger affiliates, and CVS. Additionally, Tammy developed partnerships with national magazines such as Health, Parents and Redbook.

Prior to living in California, Tammy worked for two of Kansas' prestigious advertising agencies on both the account service and creative side; where she developed, designed and implemented multimedia advertising campaigns for national and regional clients. Her marketing plans and creative direction received numerous advertising awards including the prestigious Judges Choice Award.

Tammy has worked with MB Piland since 2010. A focused approach on knowing the consumer and what they want when it comes to "the little things" have proven wildly successful for clients. She is a Kansan with broad experience and a Midwestern work ethic.

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